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Team Coaching.

My approach to team coaching and facilitation

A team coaching assignment typically starts with an initial discussion with the team leader or executive sponsor to explore the context and objectives of the work. Where possible I have one-one conversations with all team members to gain a 360º perspective on their opportunities and challenges. 

My group facilitation style is flexible, fast-paced and result-oriented, open to working with whatever emerges through group discussions and adapting both content and process as needed. I most enjoy helping groups to reconnect with their productive best-selves and find new and more productive ways of delivering team performance. For more information click here.

Team Coaching Expertise
  • 30 years’ experience working with teams and groups at all levels of organisation
  • Training in ‘Advanced Facilitation Skills’, ‘Process Consultancy’, ‘Internal Consultancy’ and ‘Large Group Interventions’
  • MA in Coaching and Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University (with distinction). 
  • Qualified in training needs analysis, training design and delivery
  • Experienced in design and deployment of team diagnostics
  • Developed specialism in leadership team coaching and ‘fast performing teams’
  • Qualified in use of the Team Management system (TMSDI), FIRO-B and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Step I and II)
  • Accredited as European Quality Award assessor
  • Team coaching practice is overseen by an independent supervisor to ensure continued high standards and adherence to ethical practice.
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Team Coaching Experience

allianceboots-narrowMy team coaching and group facilitation experience incorporates a wide variety of clients including Board & senior leadership of FTSE100 Companies.

Examples of coaching a team include:

  • Working with an executive team to help them manage a major high street retail merger
  • Helping a new management team to form and function effectively post redundancy and restructure in an American finance institution
  • Working with a leadership team to establish strategy and supporting annual planning process.
  • Assisting an engineering plc to launch rapidly a programme team, critical to long term success of the organisation
  • Supporting the creation of a new project team in the aerospace industry
  • Exploring with a team the roots of some of their interpersonal clashes and mediating effective resolution
  • Coaching a team of technical experts in the Pharmaceutical industry to establish common goals and a framework for joint activity
  • Assisting a global supply chain team to improve their interpersonal working relationship and their approach to annual planning and budgeting
  • Facilitating improved ways of working and increased customer focus in an NHS trust.
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Career Overview

25 years+ experience with blue-chip organisations, working with manufacturing, nationalised industry, pharmaceuticals, travel, financial services, as well as the retail sector. Career experience includes information systems, operations, training & development, organisation development, change management and coaching. Developed specialism in leadership team coaching and group facilitation. For more information click here.